ARM Template URL for LinkedTemplate stored in Blob storage

At a customer we’ve set up an Infrastructure-As-Code solution with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for deploying Azure Resources through a Azure DevOps build and release pipelines.

To use LinkedTemplates in ARM you need to provide a URI to the template in the calling template:

 "templateLink": { 

This needs to be a location where Azure Resource Manager can download the template, without authentication. But what if you don’t want to make your LinkedTemplates available for anyone? You can store them in a non public storage container, but use a SAS token. If you pass the URL plus SAS token to the calling template. It can use that to download the template. More about that here.

We split all resource components up into separate templates, e.g. the ipSecurityRestrictions part for a Web App is in a separate template, which need to be called from the generic web app template we’ve created. I don’t want to have to create parameters for the SAS token into each Linked Template I want to call.

So I decided to use a different solution for creating the URI:

"variables": {  
 "ipWhitelistingTemplateUrl": "[replace(deployment().properties.templateLink.uri, '/WebApp-Generic.json?', '/WebApp-IpWhitelisting.json?')]"

It’s not complicated and you can discuss if this is indeed a better solution. But I think it demonstrates the different possibilities in ARM templates.